We have met with several action games, but one of the best game is Modern Combat. It is an action game where a player needs to make a fight for its survival. The game is full of several aspects that help the player in playing the game for winning the section. In the entire game, the player needs to complete the task and some rewards like diamonds and credits. In most of the cases if the player is not able to collect enough currencies, then they can take help from Modern Combat Hack for unlimited diamonds and credits.


In the entire game, the currencies are of two types’ credits and diamonds. The players always want the knowledge of playing the game, but they may not know that currencies are the main aspect of the game. Through this, one can easily buy weapons and upgrade the game level.


The Diamonds are the primary currency of the game that means one can use this for buying several things in the game. Moreover, the user can use this as opening special packs.  In the game, there is a black market where one can use the diamonds for buying several things at a lower rate.


The credits are the premium currency that players need to collect. It is used at that time when you are in the situation of losing the battle. Through this, the user can win the battle, so it is an essential aspect to collect.

Thus, these are currencies of the game that players need to know. So collect the currency as much as you can and upgrade some essential things.