Youth are fond of various games, and most of the games are present on the internet. Dragon City is one of them, and the game is developed by a social point. It is the simulation for making the dragon, and each part is enjoyable for us. The game is suitable for Android, IOS and web browser. For playing well, we have to know all the basics because learning gives us study speed for playing. The gameplay is hand for all and you will easily familiar with it. If you are new on the game and radical for currency, then you can use the Dragon city cheats. Such cheats are advantages tool for grabbing the high amount of currency, and it is free to use.

Anyone can beat the game, and for that, we have to know the basic of all the components. Some vital tips are showing for helping you.

Sure about each part of the dragon

In the game, dragons are made with many kinds of parts like terra, flame, metal, light and many more things. There are lots of legends dragons are also placed for playing.  Each dragon is specially designed for various kinds of battles. The players need to know the war modes and play with online players for achievements.

 Expand the dragon city

Dragon city is made by the players and in which you will use many different kinds of objects. Several kinds of buildings and significant creations are good for the city. The players should expand the city by going with different battles. Protect your city by the rival players’ attacks, and for that, we can use many things for it. Leveling up by expanding the city and add more objects.

Concern about food

For surviving well in the game, the players have to concern about the food, and without proper food, dragons are not fighting.  You can wait some time for adding various foods, and in the beginning, you can provision such kinds of things. The player can use the Dragon city cheats for adding many objects without spending much time.