Alba Gonzalez Villa was born on October 27th, 1986 and she is a great actress. She became popular only because of her acting and after enters in the movie industry she got her name called Alba Flores. Therefore, you can easily check out her recent Alba flores naked photos and videos at different online sources. Even her parents known as Antonio Gonzalez Flores (father) and her mother known as Ana Villa are really support her talent. She worked in her movie called El Calentito in year of 2005 as the character of Amaya. In this article, you will read some of the most vital aspects related to her personal life.


In 2005, she got the role of Amaya in the movie called El Calentito which was directed by the Chus Gutierrez. Next year, she got chance to play the role of Chica Casting in the movie of Fernando Guillen Cuervo called Los Managers. In addition to this, this movie was released in 2006, when she also worked in the television series called El Comisario as the reole of Sohara. Instead of this, after 9 years she get chance to work in a movie called “The Memory OF Water” as Carmen which was directed by the Matias Bize. You can check out its recent updates online by check out the interview which is available online.

Awards and Nominations

She amazing personality won the award of Best Female Performer In Fiction in 2015. Even she also won the best supporting actress in a television series in the year of 2017. Instead of this, she also gets nominated in this same award last years, but in 2017 she gets this award. However, in 2018 and 2019 she didn’t get this award, but she nominated as Best supporting actress in the television series and the best lead actress in the television series. Therefore, you can easily check out more facts about her online.